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Ashton Woods Johnson Ferry neighborhood

February 26th, 2014
Developed lots ready for construction to begin

Developed lots ready for construction to begin

When are they going to start selling the Ashton Woods Johnson Ferry neighborhood in East Cobb?  That is a question we often get from visitors, neighbors and clients.  For a community that is sure attract great demand, Ashton Woods has been very quiet with providing information.

We contacted Ashton Woods last week to get some of the most common questions answered and here are their responses:

  • Name of the Subdivision: Cobblestone Manor
  • Elementary School: Sope Creek Elementary*
  • Anticipated community opening dates for sales: “not sure…at best May”
  • Anticipated Pricing: “not sure” Townhomes probably $400K – $600K with Single Family between $500K-$800K.  The sales associate also said “I would think some of the SFH will transact up to the $900s”

If you search the Cobb County School bus route tool for 542 Johnson Ferry (the former property address for the community), it listed Sope Creek Elementary as the school the property is districted for.  I have heard rumors that the property is going to be served by Mount Bethel Elementary however I have found nothing to support this and the Ashton Woods rep said it would be Sope Creek.

The rep also said “there is still a lot in the air about the community.”  This got me wondering why is it taking Ashton Woods so long to bring a product to this site?  It appears that many of the lots are developed and ready for vertical construction.

I did a quick deed search for 542 Johnson Ferry and found a lis pendens filed on the property 11/1/13 by one of the former owners Linda Francis Perkins.  It referenced a civil suit filed by Ms Perkins against Brooks Chadwick Capital, LLC and GDCI GA 4, LP on 10/14/13.  I could spend a whole day trying to outline the suit and what it alleges however I’m not an attorney and don’t want to spend the time reviewing all the filings so here is the cliff note version: Ms Perkins claims she is the rightful owner of the property, was never aware the property was for sale, and didn’t agree to sell the property.  Brooks Chadwick had initially contracted to purchase the property and then assigned their rights to GDCI GA 4 who later purchased the property on 12/31/12 for $12 Million.

Ashton Woods was quick to file suit against Ms Perkins on 11/25/13 for interfering with their contract to purchase lots from GDCI GA 4.  Shortly thereafter, the Lis Pendens was canceled by Ms Perkins however Cobb County Superior Court records currently show open cases between Ms Perkins as the plaintiff and Brooks Chadwick Capital & GDCI GA 4 as the defendants as well as a suit with Ashton Woods as the Plaintiff and Ms Perkins as the defendant.

The suit brought by Ashton Woods had indicated they were to purchase lots from GDCI GA 4 at the end of January 2014.  Now knowing about the pending litigation, it makes sense that Ashton Woods does not have a clear timeframe for the sales in the community and would like to get this resolved before beginning construction of any homes.

Cobblestone Manor has all of the qualities that buyers are looking for in the East Cobb market: great schools, top location, neighborhood amenities including swim and tennis, and new construction finishes.  The litigation wouldn’t deter me from buying in the community however I wouldn’t do so without purchasing title insurance.  If you are interested in having your name added to the reservation list for this community, please add your name to the Cobblestone Manor update list and we will be happy to register you with the sales team.

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